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Artie – My Inspiration for Gooseneck Lights

Hey, everyone! Glad to be back again. It’s been a while since my last post but I want to tell you guys a little something that I’ve never shared with anyone. So, as you know from my last post I’m like, really into gooseneck lights. I love everything that has to do with them, outdoor gooseneck lights and all sorts of gooseneck light fixtures.

Example of a beautiful gooseneck light

gooseneck barn light


But anyway, I want to get into why i have such a fascination for them.

Many years ago, when I was Jo the toddler before I became Jo Curi, I lived on a farm with my pops. We had all different kinds of animals that I would care for on a day-to-day basis. I mean we literally had every animal that hopped onto Noah’s Ark. But there was one animal in particular that I spent the majority of my time with. His name was Artie, and Artie was a certified goose. We would spend many hours together, usually playing ping pong and sometimes we would switch it up and play skee ball (using his eggs of course), and I would usually win. So anyways, a few years later Artie passed away because of a unsturdy ceiling light hanging in the that fell on his head. Long story short – Artie died and I keep his memory alive with my lights.

I’m Jo aka Curi

Hello out there! My name is Jo, but my friends call me Curi (I’ll explain in a later post), and I created this blog to share all of the cool lights I have come across. I have recently been into gooseneck light fixtures ever since I moved to South Dakota, I have been getting into this whole country way of living. I am originally from Jersey, so at first it was a culture shock for me. The reason I moved out here was for a job, but I got laid off three years ago, and now I started my own lighting business. I sell anything from gooseneck lights to classic vintage lights and everything in between.

gooseneck barn lights


20" Copper Gooseneck Barn Lighting

Ever since I got into the lighting business, well I should say that my uncle had his own light store in Jersey, and I grew up learning all about lighting with him, so it was natural for me to open up my own lighting business. I work out of my garage for now, and business is slow, so I always like to browse through lighting websites and see who my competitors are out there. I also have some pretty sweet outdoor gooseneck lights hanging up in my garage. One competitor of mine sells pretty much the same fixures except mine are actual vintage and theirs aren’t. But I still admire those sons-of-guns. They’ve got some pretty interesting designs.